December 1, 2023

The youth group (ages 13 through 18) at Immaculate Conception in Laurel has been a source of joy not only to their immediate families, fellow parishioners but more so with those in their community who look up to them for Christian fellowship and support. They have immersed themselves consistently in a community outreach type activity since June of this year through the leadership of their mentor and Youth Minister, Suzie Middleton, and gallantly echoed Bishop Kihneman’s desire for parishes to not turn a blind eye to those among us struggling to make ends meet, and struggling to find not just a home but a safe shelter. Every month the youth group prepares an array of thoughtfully selected lunch food items which are placed in individual backpacks and distributed in areas people in need are known to congregate. Each person preparing the food item is reminded of the dignity and respect we all have in Jesus Christ who Himself shows love in everything He does for us. They also take the time to pray over the backpacks and for those who will receive them. The eagerness to help others is innate in every participant, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way have deepened their desire to also live and proclaim the gospel. The maturity it takes for them to travel and seek out people that could use a little helping hand is a powerful testimony that something beautiful and holy is brewing in their lives. As they get older may their love for God and their neighbor continue to grow.


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