December 1, 2023
Ashley Bonney

Regardless of the situation or circumstances going on in my life, or in the lives of those around me, I always seem to find myself men-tally reciting Newton’s Third Law of Motion. It holds an undeniable truth that occurs whether accepted or rejected. It speaks of polarity and opposition, while also relying on balance and precision. It speaks of diversity needing unity. It speaks of separation bound to proximity. Ironically, oneness would not exist without separation. But could separation be the key to finding the unity God calls us to?

Over the last few years, humanity has gained a deeper understanding of isolation and separateness. When the world shut down, we were called to face things in our lives that were once easy to ignore. We were no longer able to lock our skeletons in the closet, avoid our problems with distractions, or drown our demons with vices. God was calling us to sit and be still.

We may have felt isolated from the world, but it was in the silence of isolation that we were able to grow closer to God.
It was the time in isolation that showed us how unique and different our journey is from those around us. This time also began to reveal ways in which God was calling us to practice our faith in whichever way brought us fulfillment.

When the world shut down, I can remember driving to the grounds of St. Augustine Seminary in Bay St. Louis almost every day to pray the rosary. It was how I found peace when I felt surrounded by fear.

It is through the same separateness that God is calling us to unity today. We are being asked to use the uniqueness of our story to accompany others on their journey towards Jesus. If we want to make a lasting impression of faith and compassion with others, it means going beyond the basics and connecting on a deeper level. One that is unique to each soul we encounter on this journey. Are you going to be one to accept it and allow your individuality to bring you closer to others? Or are you going to reject it and create more friction and resistance to the inevitable?

In the upcoming weeks, I challenge you to pay attention to the polarities in your life. Bring an awareness to where God is calling you to find balance.
If you aren’t sure how to get started, or if this seems overwhelming, here are a few steps that call for minimal effort.

  • Start each day anew.
  • Don’t start your day polluted with yesterday’s garbage.
  • Pay attention to your emotions throughout the day.
  • Bring awareness to negative emotions you feel.
  • At the end of the day, look back and recall how each moment made you feel and how long you carried each moment with you once it had passed.

Ask God to accompany you towards finding more flow in each experience, and less friction.
All things will happen as they are meant to, but it’s up to you how easy or difficult the journey towards your destination will be.


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