December 1, 2023

New Wine graduates honored during Mass at Cathedral

Pictured with Bishop Kihneman are the graduates of the 2023 New Wine class. The Mass was held June 10 at the Cathedral. Not pictured are Jennifer D’Aquilla, Mary Benevenutti, Tina Delvalle, Leigh Chapman, Beth Marshall, Desiree Lizana, Janet Mora, Karen Isabelle, Mary Beth Buchanan, Sarah Venable, Ginger Johnson, and Thomas Phelan. A reception was held following the Mass at the Sacred Heart Center.

Participants in the New Wine program received their graduation certificates from Bishop Louis F. Kihneman III during a June 10 Mass at Nativity BVM Cathedral. This ministry formation program is for people who want a basic foundation in theology and pastoral skills or who seek to be leaders in ministry. New Wine is a three-year lay ministry formation program developed in 1985. It consists of 94 regular weekly sessions lasting two hours each. The next class is tentatively scheduled to begin in August. Meeting place and time to be determined. For more information, please contact your parish or Leo Trahan, diocesan Director of Faith Formation, at 228-702-2131.

Here is a list of the graduates, their instructors, coordinator and facilitators.

Hattiesburg Group
Nikki Williams, Sandy Whitacre, Michelle Whitacre, Jessica Ramer, Mary Beth Buchanan, and Sarah Venable.

Long Beach Group
Jennifer D’Aquilla, Khara Molesbee, Mary Benvenutti, Eileen Goodson O’Brien, Tina Delvalle, Tammie LeSage, Leigh Chapman, Beth Marshall, Natasha Higginbotham, Jim Barrett, Jr., Amy Lynch, Desiree Lizana, Janet Mora, Lauren Hymel, Karen Isabelle, Alan Lipski, Franco Healy, Jessica Sekinger, Steven Block, Deborah Smith, and James R. Smith, Jr.

Ocean Springs Group
Lindsey Martin, Johnny Beard, Melanie Martin, Laura Hudson, Ginger Johnson, LaTasha Glaude, Gwendolyn Thompson, Jerry Cade, Beverly Goff, JoAnne Daniels, Monica Easterling, Carl Nehlig, Dorothy Nehlig, Rita Garris, Cynthia Grammar, Ursula Harris, Patti Holloway, Sarah Alice Duggan, Roy Edwards, Robert Frey, Shirley McCusker, Elizabeth McMackin, Les McMackin, Steve Overman, Thomas Phelan, Elizabeth Smith, Terry McQueen, Monique Guillot, and John Barnes.
New Wine Instructors were: Leo Trahan, Edgar Hernandez, Father Joe Dilettuso, Father Braxton Necaise, Father Mike Austin, Elizabeth Fortenberry

New Wine Coordinator: Elizabeth Fortenberry
New Wine Facilitators: Richard Greenwold, Ann McIntyre, Jane Sema, and Christopher Vineyard


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